Heat Dissipation Coating

EFR Motorsports L.L.C Heat Dissipation Coating

Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is a submicron coating with industry leading thermal conductivity. Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is designed for applications requiring a high thermal conductivity to transfer heat away from the energy source. Transfer Heat Dissipation Coating is applied at a 1 Mil thickness and has a thermal stability of 1200°F. 

What is the benefit of heat dissipation?

Dissipation coatings offer a remarkable solution to improve the efficiency of various components. These coatings have shown the potential to yield efficiency gains of up to 35% when applied to selected parts. Notably, intercoolers, which often exhibit suboptimal performance straight from the factory, can benefit significantly from the application of dissipation coatings, resulting in efficiency enhancements ranging from 15% to 35%.

Dissipation coatings are particularly effective in scenarios where the medium being cooled maintains a relatively cool temperature, and the dissipation of heat is not the primary concern. These coatings find great utility in applications such as radiators and, specifically, intercoolers, where they play a crucial role in maximizing efficiency. By applying dissipation coatings, heat dissipation is optimized, resulting in improved thermal management and enhanced performance of the coated components. The copper content within these coatings contributes to their excellent thermal conductivity, facilitating efficient heat transfer and dissipation. Consequently, the coated parts experience reduced thermal resistance, allowing for greater efficiency and performance gains.

 Furthermore, dissipation coatings can help mitigate potential inefficiencies in intercoolers, which are integral to the functioning of turbocharged and supercharged engines. By optimizing heat transfer within intercoolers, dissipation coatings enhance their cooling capabilities, leading to more efficient air intake temperature reduction and subsequently improving overall engine performance.



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